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Community Partners

The foundation of Alltold Insights is a deep understanding of what fair and inclusive means for each of the identity dimensions we report on. We work with industry leading experts and advocacy groups to build inclusive scales, trainings, models, and reporting.

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Data Partners

“How do I know what’s good”?

It’s helpful to see your data in the context of a comparison set. Our data partners have large repositories of media that we are using to build additional reports that you can use as benchmarks.

We are so grateful for the partnership of
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three hijabi women from different ethnic backgrounds smiling at camera

Consulting Partners

“I have my analytics, now what?”

How do you realize the business benefit of more inclusive content? We’ve partnered with a few firms that specialize in helping customers do exactly this. And the good news? Alltold is here to help you measure your progress in a data-driven and responsible way.

Once your analytics are delivered, we’d be happy to recommend the right partner given your goals.

Think we’d make great partners?